Mdm Srl, based in Grottaglie (TA), provides a "JUST IN TIME" epoxy powder coating service on sheets, profiles and structures starting from small quantities..

The main steps of Powder Coating include washing, drying, coating and "baking" in the oven.

In more detail:
  1. The washing consists of a nanotechnological treatment based on zirconium of the piece to be painted, it acts against possible oxidations and improves the anchorage of the painting, the alkaline degreasing removes the remaining residues.
    Rinsing is done with demineralized water.
  2. Electrostatic powder coating consists of applying the powder to the surface of the object.
    The electrostatic effect ensures the formation of a homogeneous microfilm.
  3. The "baking" takes place between 180° and 200°C, which allows the fusion and polymerization of the paint on the treated surface.

The Company is also equipped for painting on iron, cast iron, zinc-plated materials, for the assembly of parts before and after painting and also ensures finishes and special processing attention, so that the goods can be delivered to the final customer without further checks.